I am available for single consultations, or ongoing garden development work. I have worked on many projects for more than 15 years. Some gardens I visit monthly, some just once or twice a year. I often sketch my ideas on site, but when more in depth planning is called for, I can create large renderings with fully developed plant lists, and a long-range plan. I am happy to work with the landscape team of the property owner's choice to supervise installation and maintenance as needed. Fine pruning, perennial and bulb planting I frequently do myself.

Initial Landscape Consultation   $125/hour           

Garden Site Visit   $80.00/hour            

Fine Pruning   $80.00/hour                                    

Plant/Bulb Installation    $55.00/hour                                

Property Management Planning     $125/hour          

Customized Garden Management Manual    $250 - $2500                    

Site Design   $500 - $5500

When follow-up advice is required and I do not need to be on site, I am happy to work remotely for a reduced consultation rate of $55.00 per hour.