"Charlotte has been giving us great sustainable garden maintenance and horticultural advice and she and her crew have been key to bringing our largely prairie grass and sedum front "lawn" back into robust good health through soil amendment, plant replacement and additional plant selection. She has also been teaching us about pruning legacy bushes in parts of our garden we have not yet redesigned and given us sensible horticultural and landscape design suggestions for them, and for adapting and reusing what we have to minimize costs." - Peter Laundy, Peter Laundy Projects (2014)

"Charlotte was first recommended to me by A New Leaf when I moved into my new home. She helped me visualize--and realize--my own, dream garden. Today (more than 15 years later) it has matured into an exquisite, peaceful, joyous retreat. I thank Charlotte every season, every day, for helping me create a bona fide, beautiful, "happy place." She's brilliant, wonderful to work with, wonderful to know. " - Thalia Kaladimos, Award-Winning Communicator, Branding, Creative Content & Strategy (2014)

"Charlotte truly excelled in the role of Garden Manager at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. She was capable of fine gardening on a micro-detail level, while always keeping the big picture in mind and managing multiple projects at a time. She launched a series of garden restoration projects that improved the health and vigor of the plants and the overall appearance of the garden. Charlotte set high expectations for herself and her team, and she delivered big results." - Becky Harrington Public Garden Professional, Nonprofit Executive and Garden Designer (2012)

"Charlotte's unparalleled perspective allowed the positive combination of Art and Horticulture, in a Garden in transition with personnel, Master Plans, and the Garden's urgent need to remain relevant. Charlotte was able to transform a drifting scenario of poor horticultural execution to a renewed Landscape with properly managed people, a reinvigorated workforce, and most importantly, a garden plan for the Future, that would sustain the community's interest in Ruth Bancroft's original vision." - Stewart Winchester, Horticultural Consultant at Stewart Winchester/Associates (2012)